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Prosperity Kitchen Podcast with Gemma McCrae

Nov 10, 2020

In today's podcast, Natural Fertility For Over 40's Series: Reflexology,  I talk to Leonie Remington, founder of LKR Therapies all about how reflexology can help you on your fertility journey. In the podcast she gives you 4 powerful pressure points that you can manipulate at home yourselves to help boost your chances of becoming pregnant.

I'm a big believer in reflexology and turned to reflexology when I struggled getting pregnant myself.

Obviously we can never attribute a particular thing to getting us pregnant (aside from the obvious!!) but I really think reflexology helped me. After several miscarriages and a couple of years of nothing happening, I started to use reflexology pressure points at home (additional to other things) and soon after became successfully pregnant with my daughter.


I don't think so.

Listen on the find out more.

In particular in the podcast, we discuss:

  • What reflexology is.
  • What can reflexology help with.
  • How powerful reflexology is.
  • How often one needs reflexology.
  • How reflexology can help ladies who are trying to get pregnant, particularly over 40.
  • Reflexology points you can do at home yourselves.