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Prosperity Kitchen Podcast with Gemma McCrae

Jan 27, 2020

Welcome to today's podcast: To Do List Mini Series: Method 4 with Linda Davies Carr.  She advocates a hand-written list every day with no more than three tasks - especially for women in their 40s where they may have other responsibilities during a day eg. caring for children. It’s simple but it works! Listen on.

Jan 20, 2020

Welcome to today's podcast: To Do List Series: Method 3 with Ryan Jackson. Ryan thinks that by doing a to-do list you take ownership of smaller, more mundane items that are less important but you do them so that you can have the satisfaction of ticking them off. While the bigger, higher priority things get left...

Jan 13, 2020

Welcome to today's podcast: To Do List Series: Method 2 with Emma Jefferys. In the podcast, Emma takes us through her method called Action Planning! HINT - It involves a spider diagram that is super exciting to use. Emma Jefferys is an Accredited Coach and Licensed NLP Practitioner living in Tunbridge Wells,...

Jan 6, 2020

To kick 2020 off with a bang we're bringing you a To Do List Mini Series!!!

Yes, a mini-series all on To Do Lists.

Eh? What? Why?

Well there are soooooo many ways to do a To Do List, so I decided to speak to different To Do Experts and let them explain their method to you.

I'm kick starting the series with a...