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Prosperity Kitchen Podcast with Gemma McCrae

Dec 21, 2020

In today’s Podcast, How to Love What You Hate Doing, I talk you through how to flip your thinking to embrace (and love) that thing that you really REALLY hate to do.

We all have to do things we don't want to do but have to do at some point in our lives and for me at the moment, it's regularly. During these strange times of Covid-19 I'm having to clean my house and I absolutely hate it. Hate it! It takes up a lot of my time and more importantly I'm not very good at it!! But I'm obsessed about having a clean house.... So you can see my problem.

Anyway the other day whilst mid clean, a friend of mine FaceTimed me and was like "wow, I wish I was that happy whilst I was cleaning my house. You can come and clean mine!"

I was like "actually I hate it BUT I learnt a something long time ago................."

Listen to find out what!