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Prosperity Kitchen Podcast with Gemma McCrae

Jan 6, 2020

To kick 2020 off with a bang we're bringing you a To Do List Mini Series!!!

Yes, a mini-series all on To Do Lists.

Eh? What? Why?

Well there are soooooo many ways to do a To Do List, so I decided to speak to different To Do Experts and let them explain their method to you.

I'm kick starting the series with a LOVELY lovely lady called Sara and In the podcast, Sara Liyanage, a self confessed organisation Ninja, takes us through how she organises herself. Sara is not only a Corporate Lawyer, but also a Breast Cancer Survivor and author of the book Ticking Off Breast Cancer. In her book, she explains how her To Do List helped her organise her life and ultimately keep her calm whilst she was on her breast cancer journey.

Sara's is a super simple yet super effective method to organise your To Do's for both work and personal.